A Distutils2 Google Summer of Code

by Tarek Ziadé

The GSOC list of accepted students for the PSF was released.

The Distutils2 project has 5 students that will work on various packaging tasks this summer.

Congratulations to :

  • Konrad Delong
  • Alexis Metaireau
  • Eric Araujo
  • Zubin Mithra
  • Josip Djolonga

Also, a big thanks to the people that are going to mentor them:

  • Fred Drake
  • Titus Brown
  • Lennart Regebro
  • Michael Mulich

Last, a second important project will be done this summer, to create a PyPI Testing infrastucture. Congrats to Mouad Benchchaoui and Thanks to Jesse Noller !

I’ll be mentoring Alexis, and I’ll help other mentors and make sure we all synchronize our efforts. I’m pretty excited about this upcoming GSOC because it’s a true opportunity to speed up the work we need to do, in order to built the new packaging tools we all want to have.