Python standard lib : give me more withs !

by Tarek Ziadé

I used to write in files like this :

open('somefile', 'w').write(content)

It’s ugly for sure, and a more proper way is :

f = open('somefile', 'w')

But since Python 2.6, the with statement is superior for this code pattern:

with open('somefile', 'w') as f:

This is so natural in fact that I am always thinking about with when I work with classes that have a start/stop or open/close behavior.

So, what about adding this behavior into imaplib.IMAP4, ftplib.FTP and smtplib.SMTP ?

So we can write things like this :

    >>> from ftplib import FTP
    >>> with FTP('') as ftp:
    ...     ftp.login('someone', 'pass')
    ...     (some code)

I am working on a series of patches for this, and wondering if some other classes in the standard library could benefit from this as well..